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Edmonds Chamber of Commerce PPE Kits give away

To help Edmonds small businesses stay strong and open safely, member of the Chamber Board of Directors Will Chen gave away Personal Protective Equipment kits to over 20 businesses in the Hwy99, Westgate and Perrinville areas. Among the businesses visited are:

  • 85 Degree C
  • T&T Seafood
  • Boiling Fish
  • Thai Bistro
  • Bistro 76
  • Navi’s Catering Kitchen
  • Urban Paper Crafter
  • Helios Studios
  • Lash Artistry and Co.
  • Mel and Mia’s
  • The Hook Seafood Broiler
  • Yummy Teriyaki and Sushi
  • Edmonds Hair District
  • Q Nails
  • J & J shoe repair
  • Garlic James famous gourmet pizza
  • City Kids Quality Consignments (hurting business)

Together, We Will get through this and come out on the other side BETTER, and STRONGER!